"Where quality counts"

Rural development minister Jayant Patil has never compromised with quality in his social and public life. Every project undertaken by him has attracted notice. Every institution managed by him is at the peak of development because of his commitment to quality of work. His work reflects passion for excellence.
In this competitive age, only quality will count. If you have quality, only then you will be taken care of. In tune with the changing times and its priorities, Jayant Patil has taken care to ensure that everything he does bears a stamp of quality. The secret of success in his projects like education, cooperatives, health, industry, cultural affairs lies in commitment to excellence. That is why all his institutions are doing well. His institutions are standing tall at a time when the cooperatives elsewhere are collapsing; other cooperative institutions are incurring losses and ultimately shutting down.

Jayant Patil has insisted on excellence right from the basic field of education. He ensures that education imparted to children is of high quality. There is no compromise with quality of teaching and that is why there is emphasis on updating the knowledge of teachers, training students and overall updating of academic infrastructure in his academic institutions. Well-equipped buildings, fully stocked libraries for teachers, study rooms, playgrounds and such other facilities have been provided in the schools and colleges. Lectures by experts and eminent authorities are held from time to time. Special attention is paid to the teachers and students who undertake different projects. They are provided all types of assistance and incentives. Conscious efforts are made to maintain an atmosphere of academic excellence. This kind of atmosphere has seen the emergence of RIT as a premier engineering institution. Eminent experts guide the students here. Renowned industrialist Ratan Tata was the chief guest at the recent convocation ceremony of this great academic institution. Ratan Tata got to see the change that has been brought about through the medium of cooperatives movement in the rural area. While the youths got to see the greatest industrialist of the country. They experienced the grand vision of that great man. TATA group is making progress on the basis of excellence. One can experience uniqueness of all the cooperative institutions of Jayant Patil. There is a separate identity of Rajarambapu sugar mill, spinning yarn mill, Rajarambapu bank, Rajarambapu dairy federation. Due to excellence achieved by them in their field, they have no competitor in any respect. These institutions try to compete with themselves to enhance the quality of products they churn out.

Jayant Patil insists on quality work in every institution. All the products manufactured by the sugar mill are of high quality. Even the fertilizer provided to the farmers here is of great quality and that increases the fertility of the soil. Good quality sugarcane is required to produce high quality sugar. He made the sugarcane growers strive for producing good quality sugarcane. He provided them quality seeds, fertilizers, insecticides. Besides, he installed drip irrigation sets in their farms to avoid the wastage of water and electricity. The farmers who cultivated maximum crop were given awards. Modernization of machines is an ongoing process which is responsible for producing high quality sugar.

Krishna brand of Rajarambapu Dairy Federation has earned a unique brand identity. Besides, the products like milk, butter, clarified butter, sweetened curd or lassi, ‘shrikhand’ have great demand from all over Maharashtra. Despite intense competition in this field, the federation has maintained its identity and progress. Good breed, high milk yielding milch animals are provided to the farmers, besides nutritious cattlefeed, green fodder, timely veterinary services are provided to them. The Kalvadi - Padi scheme is implemented to breed original buffaloes and cows. The farmers are given subsidy for all this.

Rajarambapu spinning yarn mill does all processes all under one roof right from spinning yarn from cotton to weaving clothes. The clothes, garments, undergarments, hosiery, et al produced in the mill bear a hallmark of quality. Rajarambapu bank is also fulfilling the economic needs of people. It is also implementing the social welfare projects.It extends assistance for spiritual programmes, sporting events, festivals, as also offers economic help for treating serious illnesses. These institutions are not just expected to function well but they are also entrusted with preserving social commitments. They have responsibility to carry out the people-oriented projects. Health camps are organised through the endowment trust of the sugar mill. Arrangements have been made with some prominent hospitals to provide best health care to the members and employees of the sugar mill. They get medical treatment even for the serious ailments under this arrangement and even the post-operative care is available to them.

In the same manner, Rajarambapu Dnyanprabodhini is ensuring that the cultural ambience is maintained and promoted. This institution works for the promotion of literature, drama, music, arts, and sports. Vidnyan Parishad or science council has been set up to promote scientific temper in the society. This institution is helping eradicate blind faith and black magic. All these programmes are addressed by authorities in their respective fields who give their best guidance for the benefit of the masses. This way people get enlightened, and get a scientific perspective on life.

There is attraction among youths towards competitive exams. There is myth that the Marathi youths do not shine in the competitive exams. To erase this myth and give suitable guidance to the youths, Dyanprabodhini is operating a competitive exam guidance centre. The youths are availing of its services since 1997. Experts come here to guide the aspirants. Besides, they are prepared for the competitive tests in advance. Youngsters are taking full advantage of this facility. They are being offered all types of facilities like study room, well-stocked library. They get guidance for competitive exams like banking recruitment test, police recruitment exams among others. Due to the high quality of guidance and preparation at the centre, as many as 315 aspirants have got jobs so far. All the institutions are promoting the sportspersons. A sports complex has been built on the premises of sugar mill to promote sports. All types of facilities are there to play different games. Considering their preference, tenacity and quality, the youngsters are selected and trained. It has produced sportspersons who have earned name and fame at national and international levels. Jayant Patil has always given encouragement to the sportspersons shining at taluka, state and national levels. He has always given priority to solve their problems and that is why three sportspersons have participated in the pro-kabaddi.

Jayant Patil has implemented poverty eradication campaign through the aid of cooperative institutions and the people. We get to see the miracle when concerted efforts are made to achieve some noble objective. Efforts have been made to extend all types of assistance to the poor families to improve their economic condition. Those who wanted jobs have been given jobs while those who wanted to assistance for starting own business have been set up in business. They have been given economic assistance as well as guidance. The patients are given best medical treatment. Those who could not study further due to economic constraints have been extended educational facilities. Every kind of assistance from sewing machines milch animals has been provided to the needy. The monuments, tourist spots, development of pilgrim centres and building of ghats by Jayant Patil reflect his quest for quality, beauty and utility. Whether it be the memorial to the Kranti Simha Nana Patil at Yedemachchindra, Annabhau Sathe’s memorial at Wategaon, or Rajarambapu’s ‘Padyatri Smarak’ at Kasegaon, whatever memorials have been built by Jayant Patil reflect his commitment to quality.

As Maharashtra’s Rural Development Minister, Jayant Patil has provided all the modern facilities and amenities in the villages. All the villages and towns have been linked to the Mantrayala through e-connectivity. All e-facilities have been provided in villages and towns. He has made villages, and towns high tech. Jayant Patil has also implemented the project like ‘eco village’.

Whatever work is to be done should be done with high quality, Jayant Patil believes. Every project should serve a long term goal, he feels. That is why whatever Jayant Patil does, reflects his passion for perfection. That is why everything he has done as Finance Minister, Home Minister has remained etched in memory for ever. As Rural Development Minister too, he has stamped his impression on public mind. This was possible on the strength of quality.

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