Rajarambapu Patil Dnyan Prabodhini

Loknete Rajarambapu Patil was a visionary leader. He was born in a farmer’s family in Kasegaon. His father who was associated with Warkari community and mother exercised good moral influence on Bapu. He studied at Kasegaon, Nerle, Pune, Baroda and Kolhapur. After acquiring a degree in law, he entered the educational, social and political arena rather than take up a job. His public life began with the establishment of Kasegaon education society. He was an eminent English language teacher. Later he got the opportunity to work in several posts in the political arena. He successfully handled every assignment that was entrusted to him. He acquitted himself admirably as the chairman of school board, local board, Maharashtra Pradesh Congress committee, and Maharashtra state Janata Party; he also very ably handled the ministerial responsibilities in Maharashtra cabinet. He always tried to use political power for the welfare of the masses. His put in an impressive performance in the fields of education, agriculture, cooperatives, health, industry, rural development among other sectors.

With a view to perpetuate the memory of such a great and visionary leader, a voluntary organization titled Rajarambapu Dnyanprabodhini was set up in 1985. This organization has been consistently implementing various projects like arts, sports, health, literature, music, farming, cooperatives, education, science, and child and women development since last 25 years under the able leadership of Maharashtra’s Rural Development minister Jayant Patil.

This organization is instrumental in successfully implementing various projects like Jayant Poverty eradication campaign, competitive examination guidance centre, integrated civil facility centre (SETU), Dyanprabodhini library, Aastha Arogya, counseling and guidance centre, family counseling and guidance centre, Maharashtra sahitya parishad, Marathi vidnyan parishad, Marathi natya parishad, Bharatiya Yog Vidyadham, Gandharva Mahavidyalaya kendra, and several other constructive projects.

Dnyan Prabodhini has earned name and fame for organizing and carrying on the various projects in the society. Today Dnyan Parbodhini has got the renown for launching initiatives for social enlightenment and social welfare.

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