My Journey

My Journey

After the stalwarts like late Vasantdada Patil, Sharad Pawar, Rajarambapu Patil in the political history of western Maharashtra, there are very few young generation leaders who could hold candle up to them. Jayant Patil is one among the very few young leaders from western Maharashtra who has the potential and promise to lead.
Especially, Jayantrao is the only towering leader after Vasantdada in Sangli district who is doing something substantial for the general populace, particularly the backward and downtrodden, and the poor and the needy. Jayant Patil can be mentioned as the sole legacy bearer of Vasantdada in Western Maharashtra. While carrying on the legacy of Rajarambapu’s constructive work, Jayantrao modernized all the cooperative institutions and fast-forwarded them on path of progress.

It is generally seen that the children of great men mostly distance themselves from the masses and look down upon others, but Jayant Patil is an honourable exception to this rule. This is also his special quality and uniqueness. He is always conscious of the fact that he is carrying on the rich legacy and that sense of responsibility is reflected through his every word and action.

Western Maharashtra has got very sensible, understanding, well-cultured, studious and visionary leader in the form of Jayant Patil. He has always studied the project taken up by him and tried to make it successful. He has the expertise to turn any venture successful. Today he is reaping the popularity of the work done by him in the last three decades. His studious and scholarly nature has stood him in good stead.

A highly educated next line of leadership has emerged today in Maharashtra and Jayant Patil leads the group. After getting the degree in civil engineering, Jayant Patil consciously decided to walk in the footsteps of Bapu and he is still following that path. His commitment to social cause and economic upliftment of the people is reflected through his action and expression. Jayant Patil is an epitome of simplicity and gentleness. He always listens to one and all, tries to understand their problems and solve them as best as he can. Sympathy and tender-heartedness are inseparable traits of Jayantrao which manifest themselves in his interaction with the masses. At the same time, he has the capacity to take firm and important decisions in the larger interests of the society and people of Maharashtra have experienced this firmness of his character too. That is why he is counted among the few political leaders who have the potential and capacity to lead the state.

He is simply incomparable as far as his restlessness to take do good for society is concerned. He has taken the mantra of prosperity of Rajarambapu to every household. While conspiracies are going on to destroy the state’ cooperative movement, Jayantrao has given the state’s cooperative movement a new dimension. His performance in the field of cooperative movement is very admirable. It is not easy to successfully run four sugar mills under the aegis of Rajarambapu cooperative sugar factory, but achieving the impossible feat is another name for Jayantrao. Besides, he did the admirable job of getting the national as well as international market for the local markets through Rajaambapu cooperative textile complex. Now the local products carry the label of ‘export quality’, giving them an edge over the products elsewhere. Rajarambapu cooperative bank and Rajarambapu Patil cooperative milk federation are also making a praiseworthy progress. The credit for the same unquestionably goes to Jayant Patil. Besides, there are cooperative societies like Walva taluka central cooperative consumer store, Walva taluka women’s civil credit society, agriculture graduate federation, Dnyanprabodhini women’s small savings group cooperative society which are also making great progress under the guidance of Jayant Patil.

On the one hand, a new crop of education barons has emerged with eye on earning money from commercializing education. On the other, there comes Jayantrao who has girded his loins to propagate the cause of quality education in the region in a peaceful manner. He has given a new dimension of progress to Kasegaon education society. It is an indescribably great achievement. The strides taken by Rajarambapur institute of technology and his other educational institutes under his guidance are simply eye-dazzling.

He has achieved a unique task of blending his social work with cultural affairs. He has made an invaluable contribution to the cultural development through Rajarambapu Dnyan Prabodhini, ABCD Cultural Group, Avishkar Cultural Group, Rajarambapu Patil Development forum, Rajarambapu Patil Endowment Trust and other forums. He has not only provided a forum for the local artistes to showcase their talent but also provided an opportunity to the masses to see and listen to the best of talented artistes from elsewhere through this forum.
There are many schemes at national and state levels for eradication of poverty.

He has been implementing many such schemes for eradication of poverty in his area. He wants to see poverty eliminated from his region and that is why he has launched Jayant poverty eradication campaign. This must be a unique campaign and bears testimony to the fact that it is possible to eradicate poverty at the grassroots level if there is determination and political will. This is what he has proved through his campaign.

While effectively discharging his duty as MLA in the Maharashtra legislative assembly since last 15 years, he has successfully handled the state’s finance and planning department. He has to his credit a record of presenting the state’s budget as many as 9 times. But more importantly, due to his contribution the economic condition of the state improved and he was patted by deputy chairman of planning commission. This job was not easy as it was achieved at a time when the state had empty coffers. As the finance minister, he was expected to bring the state out of indebtedness. Any lesser mortal would have refused to accept the responsibility of the finance department. But Jayantrao accepted the challenge and took overall view of the state’s economic condition and took upon himself the responsibility of improving the economy. He started enforcing fiscal discipline and financial planning and even took some hard decisions and thus consistently presented surplus budgets which earlier used to be presented with deficit. He also undertook computerization of state’s planning department and the allied offices.

Jayantrao executed an admirable job of adopting a computerized process in the subsidy distribution system and thus made state’s financial department more and more transparent. He had fixed a four-year limit to improve the financial condition of the state. But he admirably achieved that target just within 2 years and won praise from one and all. Along with carrying the responsibility of handling the important portfolios like finance and department, he was also the guardian minister of Mumbai. But he was unlike others, he also took into consideration the problems faced by the Mumbaikars and consistently solved them. He struck a balance between his developmental work in rural area like Walva-Islampur and his guardianship of the commercial capital like Mumbai. He performed both the extreme roles successfully.

He was put in charge of state’s home department unexpectedly and that too at a critical juncture. After terrorist attack on Mumbai in 2008, there was a political upheaval in the state. It was now given to Jayant Patil to make state home department more efficient and alert. He accepted the challenge unwaveringy and rose to the occasion. During his brief term of one year as the state home minister, he took several important decisions for security of public places across the state. Besides strengthening security at public places, he took important decisions in this period to set up state level industrial security force, Force-One on the pattern of NSG, strengthened the state intelligence network, modernized anti-terrorism squad, intensified coastal security, established intelligence training institute and made a substantial provision for modernization of police force. Against this background, when the baton of rural development department was passed on to Jayant Patil, people were curious to know what innovative plans he had for this department. He justified the confidence reposed in him by working hard for rural development. He has imparted a positive glamour to the field of rural development. He propounded the unique concept of eco-village. He implemented a rural development model that chimed with the needs of environment.

He created awareness about environment protection. He stressed the need for public participation in all his initiatives as he was aware that nothing could be achieved minus people’s support. Hence he travelled all over Maharashtra, creating awareness regarding adopting environment friendly developmental model and he got an overwhelming response to his campaign. Besides he took initiative to provide internet connectivity to gram panchayats, making their functioning online; launched e-tendering process, established gramseva centres, e-banking service etc. These are some of the prominent rural development initiatives undertaken by Jayant Patil. He is also credited with undertaking a cleanliness drive in the rural area and to stress upon the villagers to be neat and clean. He has not only undertaken path-breaking projects for the state but also for the country. He has the Midas touch and can bring success to any initiative he undertakes. His personality and mission have bloomed under the able leadership of state’s senior leader Sharad Pawar. That Jayant Patil will continue to contribute substantially to the growth and development of the state goes without saying.

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