Me & Sugar Industry

Me & Sugar Industry

Jayant Patil has carved a niche for himself in the sugar industry. Being a well known authority on sugar industry, his area of operation is not confined to Rajarambapu sugar mill complex only. The observations of Jayant Patil on all allied issues concerning sugar industry are valued by all those engaged in sugar industry. His opinion on deciding the rate for sugarcane is also taken into consideration. Due to his scholarly and studious nature, he got the opportunity to preside over many institutions concerned with sugar industry. He has left everybody impressed there too. Jayant Patil came in contact with sugar industry at the age of 23. He became the chairman of sugar mill. He was curious to know and learn everything. He has been a curious student since his school days and he has maintained his curiosity till date. He is always thirsty for knowledge and even now wants to learn anything new with great curiosity. Therefore, he learnt everything about that industry that time. He knows everything about sugar industry from bottom upwards. He studied all the subjects related to sugar industry right from production to sugar price fixation. He understood everything, meditated over it and worked accordingly. He studied every aspect of sugar industry in full. He was the chairman of the sugar mill for ten years from 1984 to 1995. That is why he understood all the finer details of the sugar industry. He knows everything related to sugar industry. He used his knowledge of sugar industry to benefit the sugarcane cultivators. He ensured that everything he did was of high quality.

Today he is accustomed to excellence in everything he does. That is why he pays attention to things right from releasing ample water for the sugarcane fields, giving high quality seeds, fertilizers, and insecticides to the farmers to fixing decent rate for their sugarcane crop. Sugar mill has to be run well, if sugarcane is to get remunerative price. Management of sugar mill has to be of high order. Jayant Patil took care at every step and introduced transparency in all the transactions. He started ancillary industries in the taluka. He set up the dairy federation and managed it well to enable the farmers continue their milk business. Then there is Rajarambapu bank to cater to their economic needs. Besides, there is a spinning yarn project. He set up Rajaram Solvent to enable the farmers to reap advantage from the soyabean crop which has to be alternated with sugarcane. Soyabean is a ready cash crop, putting money into the farmers’ hands easily. He set up endowment trust of the sugar mill and Rajarambapu Dnyanprabodhini to take overall care of the farmers. Everything is complementary and interdependent. This has produced a chain of development. He tried to fulfill the needs of farmers related to farming, economy, health, education and culture through this medium. He successfully carried on the revolutionary campaign like eradication of poverty. The foundation of all this is sugar industry. He has shown what can be done on the strength of sugar mill.

Cooperative means working collectively for the good of the weaker sections of the society and making them capable through it. This is what Jayant Patil has achieved. Jayant Patil was elected on sugar federation in 1998. He was the chairman of state cooperatives sugar factories federation. This year he was presented national unity award at the hands of Ram Naik. Later, he got the opportunity to work on all the institutions concerned with sugar industry too. He became chairman of Deccan sugar technology association, Pune. He was also the chairman of Maharashtra state cooperative sugar factories federation. He is a member of Vasantdada sugar institute, Pune. He also became a member of All India sugar factories association. These institutions benefited largely from the experience of Jayant Patil.

Jayant Patil was the finance minister for ten years. He was also home minister for some time. At present he is the Rural Development minister. Still he has maintained an umbilical cord with the sugar mill and sugar industry. In 2002 he conducted an innovative experiment. He started a branch of Rajarambapu sugar mill at Wategaon-Surul. Today this mill has four branches including ones at Karandwadi and Jat. He achieved a record crushing target and highest sugar production. Thus he has started paying highest rate for the sugarcane growers. All the four units reported crushing for 135 days. A total of 21 lakh 17 thousand 701 tonnes of sugarcane was crushed. These units produced 27 lakh 15 thousand tonnes of sugar. On an average, a production of 12.65 was achieved.

Along with sugar production, high quality manure, ethanol, liquor is also produced. Electricity is produced in sugar mill’s Wategaon-Surul unit. This year the power plant there generated 1 crore, 85 thousand and 400 units. An amount of Rs 1 crore 80 lakh 75 thousand has been spent on social and public works through part development fund of sugar mill. Such good work done by Rajarambapu sugar mill is taken note of at various levels from time to time. Sugar mill has so far bagged many awards. It has bagged the best sugar mill award thrice. It got best sugarcane development programme award four times. It was chosen twice for best technical capacity award. The mill was presented best economic management award thrice. It got the best distillery award once. You will find modernization in all the cooperative institutions of Jayant Patil. He has made full use of latest technology. If latest technology is available anywhere, it is here only. The weight of sugarcane brought to the sugar mill and its bill is communicated to the members via SMS. Due to his foresight, all his cooperative institutions report an annual turnover of Rs 1000 crore.

In our society, we find land divided into several parts to be shared by family members. Each family member gets one to one and a half acres of land. It is very difficult to meet household expenses by cultivating this meager land. Some farmers have even less land. Division and subdivision of land will go on increasing in days to come. Jayant Patil created a unique opportunity for such young farmers under the ‘where there is land, it should be farmed’ scheme. Jayant Patil has signed a contract with Mozambique government for this purpose. A sugar mill will be set up there. Besides, there are plans to start some cultivation of some other crops and agro processing industries there. Under this agreement, 27000 hectare land will be available for cultivation. This is going to be an innovative experiment. In this way, Jayant Patil has left his mark in politics, social field and as an expert in sugar industry. All the four units of sugar mill are doing well under his stewardship and he has achieved overall development of the region through them.

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