From My Desk

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Hello, Brothers and Sisters !

I feel very happy to speak to you. As you know, uncertainty loomed large after the untimely death of Rajarambapu. There prevailed darkness and confusion. But you bestowed your unconditional affection on me and I could face the situation. I just can not repay the debt of love and gratitude I owe you. Actually, our bond of relationship which began since 1984 has got cemented over the period of time. I am aware that you continue to shower your affection for me. Ever since I entered the arena of politics and social work, I have toured the length and breadth of the constituency.

I used to visit your villages and towns, farmlands and homesteads and I still do so. The affection you shower on me when I visit your places is just beyond words. I set out in the public life with the resolve to work for you and hence my relationship with every village springs from heart. I have executed big developmental works there. It was the dream of Mahatma Gandhi to make villages self sufficient. I have always tried to materialize his dream by constantly trying to develop villages and the state. I have been working in the fields of farming, cooperation, environment, water, road, health, education, employment, economy and others.

It is my endeavour to make every village and town high tech and self-sufficient in every respect. I have provided computers and Internet facility to every Gram Panchayat. Moreover, I have also provided e-banking facility at some places. I have implemented all these schemes in my constituency, Walve taluka. I admit with full humility that this has been possible thanks to the support from all of you. Rajarambapu sugar mill, education complex, bank, milk federation, spinning yarn mill, Rajaram solvex, all these institutions are linked to the people and their development. I have always striven hard to ensure that maximum gains reach the people and I am still at it. The entire world is changing fast. We have to catch up with it. We have to cover great grounds and achieve a lot. I am leaving no stone unturned to impart high quality education to the youngsters in every village and town. While moving ahead in life, we simply can not compromise with quality.

There are big challenges like education, health, poverty alleviation and employment and we have to face them squarely in the face. Since beginning I have been insistent on this. I am going to move ahead with the determination to achieve all these objectives. I require your cooperation in this mission so that it would get the required momentum.

I love this land; I love it from the bottom of my heart. I have full faith in work and mission. This is my strength. While working as minister I never let this umbilical cord of relationship with your village and town get ruptured. I am presenting herewith a brief report of what I have done in the last 5 years. I will require your blessing and support for all round development; hence this is the humble appeal to you!
Jayant Patil