Champion of the downtrodden

Champion of the downtrodden

If you look back at the political and social activities of Jayantrao Patil in the last three and a half decades, you will realize that he is the unique personality who has promoted the thoughts and philosophy of social reformers like Fule, Shahu and Ambedkar and carried on the legacy of great work done by Rajarambapu for greater social good. Jayant Patil is the only leader who has never indulged in politics for self-preservation but for larger good of society. He has always given priority to the politics of development and maintained his dignified level below which he never stooped.

Despite being in politics for such a long time, Jayantrao has never courted controversy. None of his projects has been faulted. There are no allegations against him. There are many in politics who have mended their conduct after suffering defeats or facing humiliation. But Jayantrao is an exception to this kind of stuff and this is a matter of pride. It will not be wrong to say that Bapu should be credited for instilling such high ethical and cultural values in the young leader. It is not easy to keep one’s feet firmly planted on the ground after enjoying several ministerial posts over the years. At a time when even ordinary corporator or activist puts on air if given a little bit of power, here is this great politician who has never given up his simple living and naturalness. There is not an iota of artificiality in his life style. This is his original nature. Therefore it should come as no surprise when we find that he has got a group of loyal and dedicated workers. It is his natural goodness and dynamic personality that have attracted people to him. He has the natural ability to endear himself to others through words of sympathy. That is why people, whether from his constituency or any part of Maharashtra get solace after speaking to him. Everyone in Walva-Islampur constituency is linked to him one way or the other. He always adopts a party-less approach while redressing the grievances of citizens. There is profound influence on Jayant Patil’s mission and personality of Rajarambapu’s social commitment and Sharad Pawar’s dictum ’80 per cent social work and 20 percent politics’. Naturally, he is looked upon as the champion of downtrodden.

Jayant Patil practises politics minus party, religion and caste and that is why he always thinks of ameliorating the lot of poor and needy people and does everything to improve their economic condition. Whether he is saddled with finance and planning ministry, home ministry or rural development ministry, he always utilizes his good offices to reach maximum benefit to the poor people. He has always conceived plans with a view to benefit the poorest man. Another characteristic of Jayant Patil is the use of computer and latest technology in the government machinery. He has computerized all the departments he presided over and installed latest technological gadgets to streamline the administration and thus make the government functioning more and more public-oriented and transparent. He has the expertise to sound the public mind on any developmental plan before its implementation, take people into confidence and make every plan successful.

There is thinking in the society that upliftment of the poor and downtrodden is achieved when you constantly move in their company. Jayantrao not only emphasizes the need for communication with people, but he is constantly thinking of the good of people wherever he goes in the world. This is quite important. Whenever he goes abroad, he studies latest agricultural technology and tries to introduce the same in his region. He does not rest till he brings the modern technology and introduces the same.

There is none who has done more for reaching the maximum gains to the farmers and local people in the agro-cooperative movement than Jayant Patil. No other politician can reach anywhere near his work for the local population. Jayant poverty eradication campaign is an example of his social commitment and restlessness to improve the lot of people. He has been implementing this campaign in a systematic manner to reach the gains of poverty alleviation programmes to the greater number of beneficiaries. This campaign is really very praiseworthy. Jayant Patil has been helping people get the best of healthcare, education, employment, self-employment, housing, pension scheme and made available to the farmers a plenty of agricultural implements, seeds, fertilizers, and so forth. On account of the above reasons, this campaign has now got transformed into movement. The desire to ensure social and economic justice to the last movement has inspired this movement.

Jayant Patil has made ceaseless efforts to reach the benefits of various schemes to the neglected sections of the society. He has left no stone unturned to bring the poor and women into mainstream of society. He encouraged entrepreneurial talent among women through women’s urban credit society and pledged his support to revive their economic condition. He is fully confident that it is quite possible to empower the family and the society through empowerment of women. Therefore, he has adopted the policy of giving women priority in his industrial units too. Just take an instance of his textile industrial complex where out of 1600 workers, one fourth are women. Out of them 8 percent women are from the backward communities and the rest are from other backward communities. He is performing such an extraordinary role to deliver social justice to the people that other politicians can not but emulate him to be true leaders of society.

Jayant Patil has served as the minister of various important departments and he has ensured that the downtrodden sections of the society get justice and maximum benefit from the various government schemes meant for them. Even when it fell to him to enforce financial discipline as the finance minister, he did not block funds for implementation of the schemes for backward classes, minorities, nomadic tribes. On the other hand, he made substantial provision for implementation of schemes. Even as the rural development minister, he implemented facilities like eco village, e-tendering, e-banking for the benefit of the masses. He is also keen to ensure that there is qualitative change in the education system.

Every word and action of Jayantrao aims at achieving maximum public welfare. That is why he is regarded as a man without enemy. No wonder the downtrodden sections of the society look upon him as the champion and guardian of their rights. They are confident he will emancipate them from economic backwardness.

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