good Relationships

Smart & Simple

Political leaders can help change the psychological climate which affects the quality of relationships among people.

Work Hard

Do your best

Work as if you were to live hundred years. Pray as if you were to die tomorrow,.


Pursue Happiness

The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.

From My Desk

Hello, Brothers and Sisters!
I feel very happy to speak to you. As you know, uncertainty loomed large after the untimely death of Rajarambapu. There prevailed darkness and confusion. But you bestowed your unconditional affection on me and I could face the situation. I just can not repay the debt of love and gratitude I owe you. Actually, our bond of relationship which began since 1984 has got cemented over the period of time.

My Vision

I have a dream of making every village self-dependent and prosperous. Without development of villages, our country and state can not make progress. Betterment of villages consists in making every villager prosperous and self-dependent. Economic status of villages will rise with eradication of poverty and penury. I have always dreamed of delivering dynamic service to the villagers and connect them globally. Let cities and villages have a level-playing field.

My Constituency

I have been working in the field of politics and social work since 1984. I was the chairman of Rajarambapu cooperative sugar factory for the 10 consecutive years. I also got elected to the assembly constituency. Later I was appointed finance minister, home minister and rural development minister and thus I have been minister for the last 15 years.Taking my good work into consideration, people in my constituency continuously elected me to the assembly for 5 times.

My Social Initiatives

  • Jayant Daridrya Nirmulan
    Jayant Daridrya Nirmulan

    To mark the birthday of Maharashtra Rural Development minister Jayant Patil, Rajarambapu Dnyanprabodhini has launched Jayant Poverty Eradication campaign with the noble objective of elevating the economic, social...

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  • RajaramBapu Patil Endowment Trust
    RajaramBapu Patil Endowment Trust

    Loknete Rajarambapu Patil galvanized the development of Walva taluka and nine villages in Palus taluka by setting up a sugar factory at Sakhrale. Since the first crushing season,...

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  • Rajarambapu Patil Dnyan Prabodhini
    Rajarambapu Patil Dnyan Prabodhini

    Loknete Rajarambapu Patil was a visionary leader. He was born in a farmer’s family in Kasegaon. His father who was associated with Warkari community and mother exercised good...

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  • Rajarambapu Patil Smriti Arogya Abhiyan
    Rajarambapu Patil Smriti Arogya Abhiyan

    The untimely and sad demise of Loknete Rajarambapu Patil on January 17, 1984 snatched a towering, sensible and people’s political leader from Maharashtra. His death not only created...

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I Believe

  • Rural Development
    Mahatma Gandhi's dream of making villages into self-sufficient can be translated into reality through efforts to make villages and towns high-tech.
  • Cooperative Movement
    The cooperative movement has got the power to ensure public welfare.
  • Women Empowerment
    Through women's empowerment, the economic problems of every household can be solved.
  • Education
    Qualitative education is the firm foundation of the country's development.